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I'd Rather Not Podcast

I'd Rather Not Podcast evolved from the phone conversations that friends Kristie Champagne & Kwame had every day during their lunch breaks. The show focuses on random pop culture and LGBTQI+ topics from a gay man's perspective. Sit back, grab a cocktail, and have a kiki with Kristie & Kwame on

I'd Rather Not Podcast!

Beauty & The Shrink


To Be Real......    Social injustice sucks!  With their experience in life and also in their careers,  they want to share these experiences with their audience in hopes that something they say resonates with you and your experience.  They hope to encourage you to Speak up, Speak out, and Be heard!!!!

Pyro Power Hour

The Pyro Power Hour is PMN's very own podcast where we give you snippets of network show episodes, top episodes of on the network and the home of the Pyro Power Panels. 

The Donta Show

Dontá Morrison is a Los Angles based community advocate who beats with the pulse of current issues facing marginalized communities. His Monday night podcast is raw, relevant, and extremely comical with a potpourri of guests ranging from experts in the field of sex and human sexuality to outspoken religious leaders. Do yourself a favor and give The Dontá Show a listen.

 Healthy Him:

The Podcast

Healthy Him is an umbrella that covers the youth programs of APLA Health in Los Angeles, CA. Understanding that young men of color (especially those who are gay or bisexual) need guidance in more areas than just sexual health, Healthy Him provides that. By facilitating groups and workshops that discuss mental, spiritual and physical health, participants are given information that strengthens their decision making skills and betters their lives.

Located in South Los Angeles, the program successfully provides information to an area that lacks resources and options for better health. The staff and participants work together to create activities and events that would further the mission of the campaign and best serve those individuals who desperately need the resources. The motto "It's a Lifestyle" enforces the idea that Healthy Him is about permanent change and not temporary fixes.

Pyro Media Network

Affiliate Podcasts

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The Rob and Slim Show is a weekly live comedy show with 6 half hour interviews with Comedians, Musicians, Actors, Authors, and more.

The Rob & Slim Show


Welcome to Revelations - where everyone is fearfully and wonderfully made. Your host, Cole Johnson, guides us through the wonderful process of human power in a connection tour-de-force. Each person interviewed gets to peel back their layers while demonstrating what makes them uniquely beautiful and essential to this process called life. This is the platform dedicated to empowering the world one conversation at a time.



Do you like your sports information that’s on another level? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Cole Sportz is a no-holds-barred podcast which intersects news, comedy, politics, entertainment, and intellect in the sports world.  Sports nerd extraordinaire, Cole Johnson (pictured above), guides you through the different complexities of this world.  Produced weekly (and more frequently with special events), Cole Sportz taps into sports coverage unique in podcasting today.

With frequent guests and on topic features – it is one of the fastest growing sports shows on the net with some of the most engaged listeners.

Join the other intelligent sportsmen … and women … in spreading the word about Cole Sportz

Cole Sportz


Empowering, inspiring, and encouraging women veterans and those who love them. Providing a platform for them to share their voices and stories.

Providing a platform for advocacy and awareness without bureaucracy/red-tape. I welcome guests from all backgrounds – men, women, veterans and non-veterans. By the way, a veteran for me – by my definition is anyone who has ever served EVEN ONE day in the Armed Forces. I don’t care if you’ve been honorably discharged, dishonorably discharged, saw combat or never saw combat. YOU ARE A VETERAN. If you are currently serving – YOU ARE A VETERAN.

I don’t care if you have an exemplary record or not – I WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORY – YOU ARE A VETERAN.

This is the one place where you can throw bureaucracy, red-tape, and politics out of the window. I want you to openly and freely share your voice – struggles, and successes equally.

The Veteran Woman

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