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Pyro Media Network has grown into a strong and efficient team of members. We like to go by the saying "We are not a franchise, we are a family". 

Pyro Media Network


Support Staff

Rebecca Rasmusso


Admin Assistant

Administration Department

Marcel Padilla

Account Manager

Production Department

Jacob Flores

Social Media & Graphic Design

Administration Department

Jacob Garcia

Account Manager

Production Department

Jessica Clark

Outreach, Sponsorships & Grants

Administration Department

Raven Blaine

Finance Admin Assistant

Finance Department

Micheal Elon

Website Design

Administration Department

Shane Matthews


Administration Department

Pyro Media Network


Management division

Kwame Corbett

PMN Founder 


Executive Producer

Marisole Garcia

Executive Assistant


Head of Administration Department

Derek Mitchell

A/V Production Director


Head of Production Department

Jeremy Ramono

Finance Specialist


Head of Finance Department

Lily Niego

Board Liason

Head of

Board of Investors Affairs

Investors & Sponsors

Thank you to all of our Investors, Sponsors, and all of those who have donated to Pyro Media Network.

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