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Pyro Media Network

Established January 5th, 2017

Re-branded August 1st, 2018


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How we started

In 2016, Blaze Entertainment Podcast launched its first episode. With the development and success of Blaze Entertainment Podcast, Team Blaze decided to expand to accommodate the increasing podcast consultations and collaboration requests. Thus establishing Pyro Media Network (PMN) in 2017 and Blaze Entertainment becoming the first official podcast on the network. Today PMN has reached over 470,000 listeners internationally, produced over 10 successful shows with high ratings and listenership, and manages over 47 shows.

Our Core Mission

Pyro Media Network is a progressive moving platform to give a voice to those who feel don't have one. PMN's core mission is to provide a safe and positive creative space for creatives to flourish to their highest potential. 

Our Core Values


We focus on mentoring our producers to help guide and discover their highest potential in media. With consultations and artist development with have helped to produce quality content.



We are not only committed to our producers and staff but our audience as well. Our goal is to provide our audience with the best possible content to establish loyal and dedicated audience members.



With high-level professional, knowledgeable, and qualified staff, it is our desire to provide a safe and nurturing environment where artists can hone and develop their skills to achieve quality content.

© 2017-2020 Pyro Media Network.

All Rights Reserved.

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